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C.B.I is a family owned and operated business of 25 years located in upstate New York

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We have the best delivery time in the business due to large warehousing and stocking capabilities.

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Along with our full line of manufactured products, C.B.I. is the source for all your bulk wire and connector needs. We distribute products for many industry leaders such as Belden, Mogami, American Insulated, Neutrik, Switchcraft, G&H, and Amphenol.

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Our "No minimum order" policy gives our customers the freedom to grow accustomed to our product line on their own terms, without being pressured into a large all-encompassing, overpriced, "package deal".

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The majority of the C.B.I. product line is hand-soldered by our expert technicians. All C.B.I. manufactured products must pass extensive quality control testing and inspection before shipment.

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We have the fastest turn around time for custom work in the business. We will make you last minute jobs more manageable, with high quality products, lower prices, and fast delivery.

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Our shipping department works to insure that you get your orders on time and in one piece.

Our inside sales force combines over 100 years of experience in the cabling industry. Consisting of audio engineers, physics majors, professional musicians, and highly trained sales professionals, C.B.I. can guarantee your questions will be answered correctly the first time.

C.B.I. prides itself on customer service. Our sales staff recognizes the sound of their customers' voice on the other end of the phone. We are here to increase your business and your customer's satisfaction. Let C.B.I. work for you and watch your business grow!!
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