C.B.I. and EV Work Together To Market Revolutionary Speaker Cable

Revolutionary Speaker CableRevolutionary Speaker Cable

The SNEV series cable was created by C.B.I. and Electro Voice to get the most out of all array style speaker systems. The cable features an 11ga/4 conductor + 13ga/4 conductor special 8 pole design, under a heavy duty and flexible inner and outer jacketing, ideal for pro sound applications. The SNEV is completed by Neutrik NL8FC connectors, which are soldered for durability. The result of this hybrid configuration is an even signal between highs, mids, & lows, as well as weight efficiency for longer runs.

"In the process of marketing and selling our X-Line array system, we were looking for a cable supplier that offered a high-end quality product that we could recommend to our concert sound customers. Besides delivering a great product, C.B.I. demonstrated that they understand "Showtime", the importance of fast on-time delivery."

- Monte Wise, ElectroVoice Concert Sound Manager

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