C.B.I. Develops Audio Snakes with MASS Compatible Connectors

Audio SnakesAudio Snakes with MASS compatible Connectors

C.B.I.'s StarPerformer professional audio snakes are now available with industry compatible, MASS style connectors. The new connectors compliment C.B.I.'s existing StarPerformer series snakes that already feature VEAM and Elco multipins. Available in rack mount or stage boxes, these pro units include a 14 ga. rolled steel box with "hammer-tone" black baked enamel finish inside & out. The StarPerformer's come standard with Belden wire, Neutrik XLR's and isolation transformers.

The new Proline MASS connectors are configured in the same 176 contact position arrangement found on many high-end audio snake systems in use today. The Proline MASS connectors will handle up to 56 pair cable, are fully compatible with the existing fixed pin, solder type, & crimp type MASS connectors, and use the same inline and panel mount housings.

All C.B.I. Proline MASS connectors are asexual with every connector possessing the same number of pins and sockets. The hermaphroditic design minimizes the number of required parts as two connectors allow for complete daisy chain capability. The metal shells are machined and anodized to protect against damage through physical abuse. All connectors include a heavy-duty dust cap and inline connectors have watertight cable strain relief.

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