CBI Expands Lighting Line & Implements New Quality Control Standards

Lighting Line

C.B.I.has expanded it's current lighting line with the addition of multi-conductor lighting cables. These new power cables compliment C.B.I.'s existing line of DMX, and control products. C.B.I. has also instituted a new Quality Control program for the introduction of the expanded line. Each multi-conductor lighting cable produced is required to pass a 12 point QC checklist administered by a QC manager, during the manufacturing process.

The cables will also undergo a 2 stage, 9 step testing procedure before being certified for distribution. Each of these procedures has been evaluated and certified by an Independent Licensed Professional Engineer. These new cables will be available in either 12 or 16 gauge wire designed specifically for professional lighting applications. Ten47 or Socapex 19 pin connectors will terminate the lighting cables. The addition of these new power cables will catalyze C.B.I.'s expansion into the lighting industry.

In addition to the lighting industry, C.B.I. serves the Recording Studio, Live Audio, and Sound Installation Wiring markets. C.B.I. products feature many components, including Belden cable, Switchcraft, G&H, and Neutrik connectors. C.B.I.’s product lines include professional wiring systems for musical instruments, sound reinforcement, sound installation, audio/video, recording & broadcast, bulk wires, connectors, adapters, and custom designs.

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