CBI Introduces Powered Audio Cables

Powered Audio Cables

CBI has introduced a cable that allows power and audio in one run. This cable has been developed in accordance with the increased use of active & powered speakers.

The new PowerAudio cable is a seven conductor composite cable consisting of (1) 14 AWG three conductor shielded jacketed group, (2) 24 AWG double-shielded jacketed pairs, with fillers added for roundness and an overall PVC jacket. The cable is manufactured as UL AWM Style 2464 80°C 300 volts.

This hybrid cable is terminated with connectors of the purchaser’s choice including PowerCon, Edison, IEC, and XLRs. Custom configurations are available.

The lines are also individually jacketed to allow a long fan length without an increased labor cost.

The PowerAudio cable will be featured at the upcoming LDI show October 20-22 at CBI booth #887.

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