CBI Releases The Ultimate Bass

The Ultimate Bass

Oriskany, NY 12-3-04

CBI has released a new professional grade bass guitar cable called the “Ultimate Bass”. This high performance cable has been designed specifically for the professional bass player.

The “Ultimate Bass” boasts a custom ULT-1 wire, which is manufactured to CBI specs. The ULT-1’s 18ga center conductor has fine stranding, high conductivity, low capacitance, as well as excellent durability. Around the insulation of the center conductor is a noise reducing, semi-conductive tape that will protect against unwanted signals to the center conductor. The shielding on this cable is a finely stranded, double spiral. This shielding has strands spiraling in two directions. This not only doubles the shielding, but it also greatly increases the durability of the overall cable, as well as retaining extreme flexibility. The outer jacketing on this cable is made up of flexible PVC compound with a heavier than average OD, adding to it’s ruggedness and its overall appearance. Heat shrink is applied under and over the connector barrels for better strain relief, as well as for aesthetic reasons.

This cable will be provided in 2 distinct series. Both will be of equal quality and consisting of the same components, except one will be wrapped in the metallic gold cloth jacket while the other will appear as a traditional black cable. The “Ultimate Bass” will be available in one of several existing metallic gold CBI patterns or one can be custom designed to the customer’s specifications. The no-fray jacket is also designed to be extremely durable and flexible.

The “Ultimate Bass” also features G&H industries’ ShowSaver gold ¼" connectors with oxygen free copper center conductors, a perfect match to CBI’s durable ULT-1 instrument wire, combining superior strength with maximum conductivity.

Each cable is subjected to a multiple step quality control process including visual inspection, and oscilloscope testing.

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