Lighting and Power

Product Image CBI Blue Premium 19 Pin Connectors
The CBI19 19 Pin Lighting Connectors have been developed to offer the highest levels of reliability and safety. The super robust construction ensures continual and reliable operation. The rugged design has been tailored specifically for professional touring applications. This has ensured that the CBI19 19 Pin Lighting Connectors are more than up to the challenge of life on the road.

Product Image CBI 19 Pin Splitter
A tough rubber moulding fitted with an incoming male 19 pin plug & 2 female 19 pin sockets. The splitter units can be wired either in series or parallel connection

Product Image 19 Pin Lighting Cables

12/14, 12/19, 14/14, 16/18 Heavy Duty, Flexible, Multi Cable
Socapex, VEAM & CBI Blue Premium Connectors Available

Product Image Break-outs and Break-Ins

Break-Outs & Break-Ins are built with LT 19 Multi-Pin connectors
Super flexible 12/3 SJ Wire
Many Break-Out & Break-In configurations available

Product Image CAM Cables

The CX series is made with "Cam" style connectors and type W or type SC feeder cable.

Product Image Stage Pin Cables

20 amp stage pin extensions are made with super flexible 12/3 SOOW wire
60 amp stage pin extensions are made with 3X #6AWG type SC entertainment wire
100 amp stage pin extensions are made with 3X #4AWG type SC entertainment wire
60 and 100 amp stage pin extensions are available with green #6 SC as the ground

Product Image NEMA Series Extention Cords

NEMA series is built with SJOOW or SOOW wire
Wide variety of NEMA Wiring Device Extensions available

Product Image Molded Y and W Cables

Two-Fers & Three-Fers
Heavy duty molded Y & W cables are made with 12/3 STOW wire

Product Image DMX Cables

DMX CBI Heavy Duty DMX Wire
Neutrik X-Series 3 & 5 Pin Nickel XLR's
Compression strain relief

Product Image DMX Adapters and Terminators

8" cable turnarounds for connecting 3-5 Pin DMX
Neutrik & Switchcraft solid body DMX adapters & terminators

Product Image Color Scroller Cables

Four conductor composite cable consisting of one shielded 22 AWG Data pair and two single 14 AWG conductors, all under an overall PVC jacket.

Product Image 12/3 Adapter Cables

Many 12/3 adapter configurations available
Built with super flexible 12/3 SJOOW wire

Product Image Multi-Outlet Extension Cord
Why buy multiple extension cords when you only need one?!

Product Image Multi-Outlet Adapter

Converts a single 125 volt grounded outlet into three.

Product Image 7 Pin Motor Control Cables

Heavy Duty
14/7 SOW-A Wire
Any Hoist Control Configuration

Product Image Black Molded Extension Cord

10, 12 & 14 Gauge Black Ext. Cords

Product Image Rubber Quad Box

Prewired for 15 amp
service with 12ga
SJOOW or 12ga

Product Image DMX "Z"

Easily converts both DMX genders and 3 & 5
pin configurations to whichever gender and number of
pins the application requires.

Product Image DMX to CAT5 Shuttle Snake

The Shuttle Snake converts 2, 3 or 4 DMX lines into a single RJ45 connector

Product Image PowerCon Quad Box

20 Amp, Single Phase, 2Pole, 3Wire, 120VAC
Input - (1) 20 Amp, 2Pole, 3Wire, 120VAC, PowerCON inlet
Output - (2) NEMA 5-20, 20 Amp, 2Pole, 3Wire, 120VAC duplex
Feed Thru - (1) 20 Amp, 2Pole, 3Wire, 120VAC, PowerCON outlet

Product Image Triple Tap Extension Cord
25Ft 12ga Triple Tap Extension Cord for Quick and Convenient Power Distribution.

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