Neutrik & C.B.I. Combine Efforts to Produce New 1/4" Gold Connectors

Combine Efforts to Produce

C.B.I. has released a new professional grade guitar cable called the GA1 Gold. This cable features Neutrik gold plated 1/4" connectors which were recently produced according to specifics provided to Neutrik by C.B.I.

The GA1 Gold also features Belden "Custom" 20ga wire, which is available in 9 different colors. The wire is produced with Belden "Brilliance" jacketing, which is designed for increased flexibility and endurance. C.B.I. has also inserted a layer of heat shrink under the barrels of both connectors for added reinforcement.

This combination of quality components, creates an instrument cable with an increased life span, that is geared toward the working musician.

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