C.B.I. Adds 64 Channel Snake to Star Performer Line
C.B.I. has added the “Ultimate SP-64” 64-channel snake system to its existing line of pro grade Star Performer audio snakes. The new system compliments CBI's existing StarPerformer series that features 40-56 channel audio snakes. Available in rack mount or stage boxes, these pro units include a 14 ga. rolled steel box with "hammer-tone" black baked enamel finish inside & out. The “Ultimate SP-64” utilizes CBI 66 pair cable; Neutrik locking XLR's, isolation transformers and ground lift switches.

C.B.I. Releases The EarSplitter
In ear monitor systems have become a standard for touring musicians. Most commonly utilizing a small rack that holds all of the wireless transmitters, signal processing and a rack mount mixing board. The stage microphones and instrument signals need to be split to feed both the performer's system and the main sound system.

C.B.I. Releases Color Scroller Cables
C.B.I. Professional Wiring has added a Color Scroller cable to its existing line of lighting control products.

C.B.I. Releases The Ultimate Shield
C.B.I. has created the Ultimate Shield microphone cable specifically to provide increased RF screening for critical applications in live performance and recording where there are particular problems with radio transmission or mobile phones.

CBI Introduces Powered Audio Cables
CBI has introduced a cable that allows power and audio in one run. This cable has been developed in accordance with the increased use of active & powered speakers.

CBI Releases The Ultimate Bass
CBI has released a new professional grade bass guitar cable called the “Ultimate Bass”. This high performance cable has been designed specifically for the professional bass player.

Neutrik & C.B.I. Combine Efforts to Produce New 1/4" Gold Connectors
C.B.I. has released a new professional grade guitar cable called the GA1 Gold. This cable features Neutrik gold plated 1/4" connectors which were recently produced according to specifics provided to Neutrik by C.B.I.

CBI Expands Lighting Line & Implements New Quality Control Standards
C.B.I.has expanded it's current lighting line with the addition of multi-conductor lighting cables. These new power cables compliment C.B.I.'s existing line of DMX, and control products. C.B.I. has also instituted a new Quality Control program for the introduction of the expanded line. Each multi-conductor lighting cable produced is required to pass a 12 point QC checklist administered by a QC manager, during the manufacturing process.

C.B.I. Develops Audio Snakes with MASS Compatible Connectors
C.B.I.'s StarPerformer professional audio snakes are now available with industry compatible, MASS style connectors. The new connectors compliment C.B.I.'s existing StarPerformer series snakes that already feature VEAM and Elco multipins. Available in rack mount or stage boxes, these pro units include a 14 ga. rolled steel box with "hammer-tone" black baked enamel finish inside & out. The StarPerformer's come standard with Belden wire, Neutrik XLR's and isolation transformers.

C.B.I. and EV Work Together To Market Revolutionary Speaker Cable
The SNEV series cable was created by C.B.I. and Electro Voice to get the most out of all array style speaker systems. The cable features an 11ga/4 conductor + 13ga/4 conductor special 8 pole design, under a heavy duty and flexible inner and outer jacketing, ideal for pro sound applications. The SNEV is completed by Neutrik NL8FC connectors, which are soldered for durability. The result of this hybrid configuration is an even signal between highs, mids, & lows, as well as weight efficiency for longer runs.

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