MT Series Fan-Fan Snakes

CBI Individually Shielded Multipair Wire - Black Flexible Jkt
Heat Shrink Tubing - Double Layers at Connector and Junction
Contrasting Numbers covered with Clear Heat Shrink on Fanout
  Balanced: Neutrik Nickel 1/4" TRS - TRS
  Neutrik TRS - NC3FX Fem XLR
      Neutrik TRS - NC3MX Male XLR
      NC3FX Fem XLR - NC3MX Male XLR
  Unbalanced: Neutrik Nickel 1/4" TS - TS
  Neutrik Nickel 1/4" TS - RCA Male
    Neutrik Nickel RCA Male - RCA Male
  Custom: Any Configuration - Signoff & Deposit Reqd.
  Call Factory for a Prompt Quote
  Options: Gold Plated Version of Connector
  Prepped for Install, Fanout without Connectors
  Always TT Studio Patching TRS Conn.
  Confirm Price. Black "Rock Series" Mesh Covering on Fanouts
  Deposit and/or Colored "Rock Series" Mesh Covering on Fanouts
  Signoff Req. Neutrik NP2X Professional Compression 1/4" Mono
      Neutrik NP3X Professional Compression 1/4" TRS
      Colored Neutrik BSX Boots for XLRs - 8 Colors

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